Black-SoldiersOn June 7, at the battle of Fremont Farm, General Grenville Dodge led his gallant westerners into the teeth of the rebel defenses. His normally cautious approach was replaced by a fire and brimstone fury. Following a quick advance with only a minor preliminary artillery bombardment, the boys from Illinois and Iowa launched a series of furious charges across the entire front. The North Carolinians were quickly driven from their defenses.

The 1st Kansas colored regiment accounted well for itself, showing all the naysayers who said the coloreds would skedaddle at the first sounds of the guns that they were wrong. Withstanding a harrowing barrage of bullets, the Kansas Freemen pressed on to chase the rebels out of their defenses. Even a furious charge by the Carolinians, screaming their famous Rebel Yell, made no impact on the coloreds, who valiantly held their ground before launching a courageous charge of their own that helped our boys drive the Rebs from the field.

For his inspiring leadership in this action General Dodge was given his third promotion. His veteran forces look up to the task of bringing the war to an end. With the continuing success of all our loyal boys in blue it is now on to Richmond.


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